Jon Atkinson

I'm a technologist, with a long and varied history in high-end technical delivery and infrastructure management. I'm particularly interested in managing software teams, rapid application development, and scalability challenges.


Notebook: Copying to S3 with awscli

December 2016

Copying to S3 with `awscli` is essentially the same syntax as SCP. This assumes you have a correctly configures `awscli` (if not, run `aws configure` beforehand). First, simulate the transfer ...

Setting up a DevPi server

July 2016

Downloading 3rd party packages is an important part of our build and deployment process. While PyPI is generally excellent, it does present some risks for us: - PyPI does go down ...

Bitbucket Pipelines

June 2016

We're heavy users of the Atlassian product suite at FARM, and that includes their powerful but obtuse CI system, Bamboo. Our workflow consists of an automated pipeline from BitBucket ...

Recycling, reuse, and codebase heuristics

July 2015

Did you know that people tend to recycle _unused_ sheets of paper, but tend to throw used paper in the bin? Or that people are more likely to throw away ...

Blackbox - Automated Website Quality Checks

December 2014

Like many agencies, at FARM we host and maintain a broad estate of web sites and applications. For all these sites, you can usually mix and match any of the ...

2014 Show Podcast

April 2014

On Monday night, I was on episode 12 of the 2014 Show, with Mark Steadman. We talked nonsense about tech news, game engines, and TV shows. It was a lot ...

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I'm Technical Director at FARM Digital. We're a web agency working mainly with AWS, Python, Django.


Wirehive 2013 Techie Of the Year Runner Up Wirehive 2016 Techie Of the Year Finalist

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You can reach me via email at jon@jonatkinson.co.uk.

You can verify my identity at https://keybase.io/jonatkinson/.

I don't respond to cold emails from recruiters, those messages are deleted unread.