Jon Atkinson

I'm a technologist, with a long and varied history in high-end technical delivery and infrastructure management. I'm particularly interested in managing software teams, rapid application development, and scalability challenges.


Notebook: Setting up wee-slack

August 2018

## Installing the prerequisites First, we need to install the base `weechat` binaries. I like the `aspell` plugin to be enabled in Weechat, so I'll install that first: $ brew install ...

Notebook: create-react-native-app on High Sierra in 2018

March 2018

A really quick guide to getting started with `react-native` in 2018. Let's see what we're dealing with: $ uname -a Darwin hostname.local 17.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version ...

Notebook: Listing ElasticBeanstalk applications with the aws CLI tool.

January 2018

You can easily list EB applications in your default AWS account with the following query. $ aws elasticbeanstalk describe-applications --query 'Applications[*].{Name:ApplicationName}' --output=text

Django coverage reports without unit tests

October 2017

I was recently working on a Django project which had a lot of development effort spent over a wide range of features which never made it to launch. We wanted ...

Restaurant: Grafene

October 2017

I've visited Grafene several times since it's opened. I've had dinner alone and with friends, and I've sampled the tasting menu a few times, so I ...

Restaurant: WOOD Manchester

September 2017

During a recent day at DjangoGirls Manchester, I was around the corner from the newly opened WOOD Manchester, so a quick solo lunch was in order. The starter of butternut ...


Time Preference, Quality, Dopamine and Marshmallows

June 2017, FARM Digital

Git Flow + Code Review

February 2016, FARM Digital

Django Performance Recipes

September 2015, London Django User Group


You can reach me via email at jon@jonatkinson.co.uk.

You can verify my identity at https://keybase.io/jonatkinson/.