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I'm a technologist, with a long and varied history in high-end technical delivery and infrastructure management. I'm particularly interested in managing software teams, rapid application development, and scalability challenges.

Restaurant: WOOD Manchester

23rd September 2017

wood food manchester

During a recent day at DjangoGirls Manchester, I was around the corner from the newly opened WOOD Manchester, so a quick solo lunch was in order.

The starter of butternut veloute was the highlight; served with a few Josper-finished gnocchi floating in the centre, and a drizzle of Salford honey and truffle oil. The gnocchi were pillowy soft in a lovely crispy shell, and combined really well with the tang of the honey which lingered for some time after the dish was finished. This was a very nice dish.

The main course was best end of pork served on champ with sage, breadcrumb and shallot. It was not quite as special. The cut of pork itself was grilled and still moist, and it was tasty with a nice char. The champ was over-salted for my palate; sauce did help balance this. The greens and the shallot added slight creaminess but were fairly anonymous.

Coffee was good quality and the espresso had a good crema. I didn't have a chance to ask where it came from.

The service was efficient and polite, and not overbearing. The restaurant itself is a comfortable space, which I imagine would be fun on a Friday night with plenty of loud voices and clattering from the open kitchen.

The restaurant presents itself as 'unintimidating high end dining'; I feel there is a little way to go yet before it can be considered 'high end', but the food was good and I would like to return for dinner at some point.

Lunch was £26 with sparkling water to drink.