Jon Atkinson

I'm a technologist, with a long and varied history in high-end technical delivery and infrastructure management. I'm particularly interested in managing software teams, rapid application development, and scalability challenges.

dConstruct 2008

8th September 2008

I attended dConstruct 2008 at the weekend. I was only there for the day of the conference, and didn't attend either of the parties, but I did enjoy it nonetheless.

I thought that there were some pretty interesting talks (certainly it was more engaging that the exasperating @media2008).

Highlights included Aleks Krotoski on what web developers and video game designers can learn from each other, particularly the concept of developing cues which increase the chance of more user participation (or as it will now be know, the "princess is in another castle" effect), and Jeremy Keith surprising everyone with an inspiring lecture on what is in academia called 'network theory', which was a lot more amusing than the subject may suggest. I also enjoyed Steven Johnson speaking about outside.in, though I almost mistook his talk for Jeff Veen's very similar presentation which has been doing the rounds this year, too. I guess that pump in Soho really did change the world.

I can't find any presentation links at the moment, but I'll post them when I get them; I think someone mentioned that all the talks were going to be transcribed.

Update: Jeremy Keith's talk 'The System Of The World'