Jon Atkinson

I'm a technologist, with a long and varied history in high-end technical delivery and infrastructure management. I'm particularly interested in managing software teams, rapid application development, and scalability challenges.


9th October 2007

I've been making some good progress recently on a few of my projects.

We're in the final stages of getting Mampi Hosting ready for launch. We've bought the hardware (lots of it), got the website ready, and our marketing campaign is prepared (we're going for an Adwords campaign, and a UK-only print campaign in a few magazines). We've been very lucky to have some great feedback from our thirty or so beta customers, so we're really looking forward to our launch. It should be great fun.

My personal side project, txtmyteam.com is also progressing well. From the outset I've tried to write a nice clean system for sending the group SMS messages which the application will need. It's been pretty well tested up to now (I've spent about £200 on SMS messages in the last three months :-P), and now it's time to move forward with building the site around the system. I've had a decent response on the beta signups, too.

Quite ridiculously, the site which I've made the most money from recently is allhailtechnoviking.com. Of course, anything which combines the fine flavours of both techno music and vikings was bound to be popular.